About this Blog and the Guys Behind It

What the heckfire is this mess?! A bird? A candle? What, are they knitting or something? Fire-hazard, I say! Arson! I’m callin’ it right out’a the gate!

Zach Martin is a teacher. Kevan Chandler is a podcast editor. Both men of prestige in their respective fields by day, and both actually writers by night. This blog is their first go at it together, a tandem-tale told by two troubadours terribly infatuated with the English language.

What began as a fledgeling paragraph scribbled into Zach’s notebook will ember into a phoenix novel of grandiose proportions. Just wait and see! Actually, check in on the progress each week and see it happen that way.

No socks will be harmed during the writing of this story.


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