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The Beginning.

This is the beginning.

I was sitting in a classroom during downtime while student teaching to complete my college degree.  I decided I wanted to start writing a story, so I began scribbling down a paragraph, only to forget about it for nearly 8 months.  Last week, I found it again, just as I had left it.  I showed it to my dear friend Kevan, and he suggested this little adventure that we have here.  One beginning, two different perspectives.  We would trade off writing weekly paragraphs to see what happens.

Without further ado, here is the beginning.  This is where our story comes to focus. These are the Bird and Candle Yarns:

“It was hot.

It was hot in the type of way that only a Kansas summer could be. The air was thick with the humid memory of yesterday’s rains, and seeing the flooded pasture was a visual reminder of the effect precipitation has on soil that hasn’t seen a drop of water in six months. The crop gave up on the soil a few months back, parting ways in the slow, almost theatrical manner that all plants seem to do when the soil doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain.”